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Difference between Page list and Page group?

1) Page List mode property is a data structure consisting of an ordered list of zero or more pages, each identified by an integer index (starting with 1). 2) A Page Group is a data structure consisting of an unordered set of pages, each identified by a string subscript value. For example, a Page Group property can contain an array of 50 pages, one for each state in the United States, indexed by state code. The reference: State(“VA”).Population can identify a numeric property for the state of Virginia. In contrast, a Page List data structure uses numeric indexes (subscripts) 1, 2, 3 to identify an ordered list of pages.
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Difference between call and branch

a) Call:  If we call one activity to another activity by using call, it will execute the called activity and return back to calling activity then execute the remaining steps in a calling activity. b) Branch:  If we call one activity to another activity by using Branch, it will execute the called activity and calling activity then it will not execute the remaining steps after branch.

Where work objects will be stored?

Work Objects are stored in pc_work table by default. however if you want to store the work objects in a user created table, follow the below mentioned steps. Create a schema similar to pc_work table. (The best thing is to copy the pc_work schema and modify the table name and constraints name if any) Change the class group mapping (Data-Admin-DB-Table) to the newly created table.

What is Assignment in PRPC

An Assignment in PRPC is used to route work to an operator.   The primary use of an assignment is to display or call a flow action into flow. No assignment can be available without flow actions. Assignment shape contains the options like    1. Status    2. SLA   3. Notification   4. Harness 5. Local actions etc...             If we want to see the current   assignment details we can see on clipboard on a predefined   page "NewAssign" Page (Assign-)"

What is a Workbasket, Work pool and Workgroup

Work Basket is an instance of   Assign-Workbasket. It is Queue of All the work Items those can       be accessed by Multiple Operators who are connected to the basket via their Work Group. Work Group Acts an Interface between Operator and Work Basket. Work Group and Work Basket can be connected to each other. Work pool :-   Class Group when added in the access group (Under Advanced Tab) it is said to be work pool. It Identifies which case types should be loaded for an operator to create work.